Friday, September 2, 2016

Haisley Updates 9/2/16

We're almost there!  School is just around the corner, and I can't wait to start this year together.  The amount of support, care, excitement, and warmth I've experienced from our community over the past two weeks is astounding.  I can't say enough how exceptional you are and how thrilled I am to be joining all of you!  Tuesday can't come soon enough!

First Week Reminders
-Fruits and vegetables only for snack 
-Make sure your child knows their dismissal plan and let the teacher know
-Schedule:  First bell (8:44), Tardy Bell (8:47), Dismissal Bell (3:50)
  • Children may not be dropped off earlier than 8:35.  We do not have adult supervision before 8:35, and children will not be allowed into the building.
-PTO will provide coffee in the lobby Tuesday morning after drop off
-Drop off/pick up lane: on the other side of the fence by the parking lot
  • The lane closest to the school is for drop off and pick up.  The lane closest to the parking lot is for moving traffic (please do not stop in this lane).
  • Do not park in either of these lanes

Arrival and Dismissal Volunteers
We (the PTO and I) are looking for more parent volunteers to help with drop off and pick up during these first two weeks of school (and beyond if you are interested).  The extra support will help to make sure that all kids easily and seamlessly get to and from their pick up and drop off locations while kids learn where to go and adults learn the traffic routines.  You can sign up to volunteer for a post at:

Haisley Website Updates
Weekly news and updates will be posted to the Haisley website via our new Haisley News blog site.  You can find and access all the posts directly on our website: I will post periodically, but you can expect something new at the end of each week.  You will also see my Twitter feed on the homepage.  Don't forget to follow me @HaisleyA2

Upcoming Events:
Thursday, 9/8- First PTO meeting: Meet the Principal (7:00 p.m.)
Tuesday, 9/13- Curriculum Night (6:30-8:00 p.m.)

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