Monday, October 10, 2016

Haisley Committees Hard at Work (Did You Know...?)

Did you know that Haisley has a host of committees made up of staff members, me, and some parents/community members?  Here's a quick rundown of the main committees that are hard at work making decisions, improvements, and setting up systems that help Haisley be the best it can be:

*Building Advisory Team: This team meets to discuss building-wide matters, problem-solve, and make decisions.
*School Improvement Team:  This team focuses on the development of the school improvement plan through examining data, setting goals, and identifying strategies and activities to support those goals.
*Equity and Enrichment Committee:  This committee is responsible for planning and securing funding for enrichment activities, including field trips, additional programming, and school events.  We also examine practices, activities, programming, and events through the lens of equity to ensure that opportunities are available to all students.
*Technology Committee:  This committee focuses on the use of technology in our school and how we can best leverage the technology we have to boost student achievement and enhance teaching and learning.  Our current work involves taking inventory of what we have and how we use it, what our needs are, and how we can best maximize the use and effectiveness of our technology.
*Green Team:  This team looks at how our school impacts and interacts with the environment, including the use and maintenance of our school garden and how we can implement systems and practices that are eco-friendly.

Additionally, we have four teachers who are designated Curriculum and Instruction Specialists and who work as part of a district team of curriculum experts to develop and deliver trainings and professional development to other AAPS teachers.

We have several other committees that focus on planning for specific events/programs, such as:
MLK Jr. Day
Parent Involvement Day
March is Reading Month

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