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Free Digital Reading Resources (Read and Listen to Stories Online)

Michigan eLibrary (MeL) and Scholastic pair up to ensure all Michigan students are reading on level by grade 3!
Michigan eLibraryDid you know MeL provides a free online library of resources (including Scholastic BookFlix!), ebooks, articles and more to support all Michigan educators and students?
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Did you know you have free unlimited access to Scholastic's award-winning early literacy resource BookFlix® through your friends at MeL?
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125 Animated stories; 125 Nonfiction ebooks; 70 Spanish titles; 1100 Curated websites
PreK–Grade 3 students
ELL students
Struggling readers
Use Cases
• Whole group instruction
• Small group instruction
• Independent reading
• ELL instruction
Product Features
• Read aloud with word highlighting
• Vocabulary words defined in context
• Follow up activities to assess grasp of concepts
• Lesson Plans
• Parent Resources
2008 CODiE Winner
Named best database by School Library Journal 2008
Animated stories are thematically paired with nonfiction ebooks to engage beginning readers as they cultivate early literacy skills and build their real world knowledge.
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In a recent BookFlix customer survey, 90% of customers agreed that students are more engaged when reading BookFlix and 87% said BookFlix increases student reading motivation!

Easy Lesson
Every fiction and nonfiction pair includes a comprehensive lesson plan with classroom activity ideas and curriculum correlations. A general instruction plan for teaching with BookFlix is also included!
A Go-to
Resource for
ELL Teachers
The natural voice read-aloud and word highlighting feature of BookFlix help to emphasize concepts and address gaps in language skills for ELL students. These built-in visual and audio aids support comprehension and vocabulary acquisition. Follow-up activities further reinforce learning and assess comprehension.

Search in
a Snap
Easily incorporate BookFlix into your lesson plan with easy search. In the Resources section at the top of BookFlix, you can sort by category, theme, grade level, Lexile range, video running time, and more to find the right title.
Access from
BookFlix can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—by an unlimited amount of users from anywhere there is an internet connection. Access from school, home or mobile device!

320 Books for Every Family in your School
BookFlix provides every family in your school a virtual home library of 250 English titles and and 70 Spanish titles. Parent outreach letters are included and customizeable to help spread the word of this amazing resources now available to all families and accessible from home.
Voices Matter
True storytelling is a craft and is critical to teaching early literacy skills, such as fluency, through a modeled approach. BookFlix features some of the most renowned narrative talent in the world including:
Meryl Streep
James Earl Jones
Kathy Bates
Sarah Jessica Parker
Christopher Lloyd
John Lithgow
Randy Travis
Rob Reiner
Claire Danes
Steve Buscemi
and dozens more
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