Monday, May 1, 2017

Summer Book Giveaway

          This year the PTO will be funding our first Summer Book Giveaway in early June.  This will be a shift from previous years where the PTO has funded summer work books.  There is a lot of research that shows students' reading achievement improves significantly with access to engaging texts that they choose themselves.  We plan to provide at least 4 free books per student.  Teachers will help guide students in finding and choosing books when classes visit the Book Giveaway room in June.  In order to give our students more variety and choice in the books they take home, we have put together a wish list of engaging texts from Scholastic that appeal to a wide array of students.

          If you are interested in purchasing books on our list to donate to the giveaway, please visit and click on the "Get Started" button under 'Parents'.  A window will pop up asking for a 5-Digit Class Code.  Enter QZYW4 (this is the code for Haisley's Book Giveaway Wish List).  Once this is entered, you'll see a link to "Classroom Wish List" about halfway down the page.  Click on this, and you can browse and purchase books for our Summer Book Giveaway.  The books will be shipped to Haisley when the purchasing window closes (May 15th).  We will set out all purchased books from the Wish List with other books for kids to choose at the giveaway.  Thank you for supporting our kids and summer reading!

For more information on the research behind the Summer Book Giveaway, check out No More Summer-Reading Loss by Carrie Cahill.  Here are a few key excerpts from the book:

"The two largest contributions to reading achievement were access to interesting books and student choice of the books they would read."

"Studies in which children were given choices of reading material showed substantially larger effects on reading achievement than did studies where children had no such choice.  When children were given the opportunity to choose books, reading gains were almost double those of children whose books were selected by someone else."

"[Their study]...found that the children who had participated in book fairs and received free, self-selected books for summer reading significantly improved reading achievement on high-stakes tests when compared to their peers in the control group who received no summer books."

"Sending home worksheets and practice pages is probably one of the best ways to destroy any chance that students will pick up a book over the summer....Enforcement of [teacher selected material] may make their children more resistant to authentic reading."

"We want students to recognize that reading is one of many positive life choices they can make."

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