Monday, May 8, 2017

What's Coming Up:

MSTEP testing continues for 3rd and 4th grades
5/10- Middle School Transition Day (for 5th graders, see post below for more information)
5/11- Hahn's class to Olson Pond (9:30-11:30)
           Cookies with the Principal (Thursday after school on the lower el playground -weather permitting- or in the Haisley lobby)
*This event is an alternative to Coffee with the Principal to allow for parents who may not be able to come for coffee and conversation on Tuesday mornings an opportunity to join us and socialize!  Kids can play on the playground (and have a cookie) while parents and I have a snack and talk at tables set up on the blacktop.  I hope to see many of you there!
5/12- Fun Run at Hudson Mills Metro Park (Addison/Caballeros/Cech's classes)
5/16- McGee's class to Water Treatment Plant
           Instrumental Assembly (all-school, 1:45-2:30)
           Instrumental Assembly for Families (in multipurpose room, 6:30-7:30)

5/18- 4th Grade Lake Eerie Trip
           Student Green Team Meeting (4-4:30 in the lobby)

5/19- Haisley Walk-a-Thon (9:15-11:15 am for Y5-2nd graders, 1:30-3:30 pm for 3-5th graders)
           Unified Day at Skyline (for self-contained classrooms, )

5/23- 4th Grade Dress Rehearsal for Music Concert (9:30-10:15) 
           4th Grade Music Concert (6-6:30 in multipurpose room)
5/25- Disability Awareness Workshop
5/29- Memorial Day (NO SCHOOL)
5/30- Everett's class to Botanical Gardens 
5/31, 6/1, 6/2- 5th graders at camp
5/31- 1st grade music concert (2:30-3:15)
6/1- Strohl's class to Botanical Gardens
          3rd grade classes to Greenfield Village
          Student Green Team Meeting (4-4:30 in the lobby)

         PTO meeting (7-8:30)

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