Haisley Curriculum Resources

Below you'll find an overview of the curriculum resources we use at Haisley.  For a view of our complete Curriculum Resources and Standards Matrix, click the following link:

Resource Titles
HealthMichigan Model for Health:
Grades Kindergarten-Fifth
MathematicsEveryday Mathematics PreK-K Version -Young 5s-
Everyday Mathematics includes Digital Component (connectEd) for every student in grades Kindergarten-Fifth
ReadingReader's Workshop
Kindergarten-Second: Fountas and Pinnell's Guided Reading
Third-Fifth: Fountas and Pinnell's Guiding Readers and Writers
Word Study/Phonics Instruction
Kindergarten-Second: Fountas and Pinnell's Phonics Lessons
Third-Fifth: Fountas and Pinnell's Word Matters
Reading Cont.
Interactive Read Alouds
Guided Reading
ScienceLiteraSci-Young 5s
Science Companion: In domains of Earth Science and Life Science, Grades Kindergarten-Fifth
Project Lead The Way: In domains of Physical Science and Engineering, Grades Kindergarten-Fifth
Picture Perfect Science: Paired Fiction and Non-fiction books and lessons for integrating Science and Literacy
AAPS Environmental Education Program: Field trips/onsite visits for all grades Kindergarten-Fifth
Social StudiesAnn Arbor Curriculum
Kindergarten: Social Studies and Literacy Integration Units-
Caring for Our World
First Grade: Social Studies and Literacy Integration Units-
Families Changing Over Time
Second Grade: Social Studies and Literacy Integration Units-
How are Goods Made and Brought to Us?
Third Grade: Exploring Michigan
Third Grade: Social Studies and Literacy Integration Units-
People Who Make a Difference
Fifth Grade: Ancient Kingdoms of Africa
Fifth Grade: Social Studies and Literacy Integration Units-Understanding Diversity in the REvolutionary Period

Social Studies Alive!
See rows below
Social Studies Cont.
Kindergarten: Me and My World
First Grade: My School and Family
Second Grade: My Community
Third Grade: Exploring Michigan
Fourth Grade: Regions of our Country
Fifth Grade: America's Past
WritingLucy Calkin's Units of Study in Opinion/Argument, Information, and Narrative Writing
Launching the Writing Workshop
Writing for Readers
How-To Books: Writing to Teach Others
Persuasive Writing of All Kinds: Using Words to Make a Change
First Grade:
Small Moments: Writing with Focus, Detail, and Dialogue
Nonfiction Chapter Books
Writing Reviews
From Scenes to Series: Writing Fiction
Second Grade:
Lessons from the Masters: Improving Narrative Writing
Lab Report and Science Books
Writing About Reading
Poetry: Big Thought in Small Packages
Third Grade:
Crafting True Stories
The Art of Information Writing
Changing the World: Persuasive Speeches, Petitions, and Editorials
Upon a Time: Adapting and Writing Fairy Tales
Fourth Grade:
The Arc of Story: Writing Realistic Fiction
Boxes and Bullets:Personal and Persuasive Essays
Bringing History to Life
Fifth Grade:
Narrative Craft
The Lens of History: Research Reports
Shaping Texts: From Essay and Narrative to Memoir
The Research-Based Argument Essay

Other Lucy Calkins Resources
Units of Study for Teaching Writing, Grades K-2
Launching the Writing Workshop
Small Moments: Personal Narrative Writing
Writing for Readers: Teaching Skills and Strategies
The Craft of Revision
Authors as Mentors
Nonfiction Writing: Procedures and Reports
Poetry: Powerful Thoughts in Tiny Packages

Units of Study for Teaching Writing, Grades 3-5
Launching the Writing Workshop
Raising the Quality of Narrative Writing
Breathing Life into Essays
Writing Fiction: Big Dreams, Tall Ambitions
Literary Essays: Writing About Reading
Memoir: The Art of Writing Well

Ann Arbor Units
Second Grade: Biography
Third-Fifth: Feature Article, Personal Narrative, Poetry
Fifth Grade: Persuasive Essay Genre Study
Physical EducationSHAPE America Society of Health and Physical Educators

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